Ultimate Baguio Pasalubong List: Top 25 Picks for Souvenirs & Delicacies

Are you planning a trip to Baguio? Looking for the best souvenirs and delicacies to bring back home? We got ya!

In this ultimate Baguio pasalubong list, we’ve got you covered with the top picks. From mouthwatering strawberry products and delectable ube jam to unique handicrafts like woven bags and dream catchers, you’ll find something for everyone.

Get ready to try the flavors and culture of Baguio as we take you on the ultimate Baguio pasalubong shopping experience.

Baguio Strawberry Products

Baguio Strawberry Products Baguio Pasalubong List

Baguio offers a variety of strawberry products. You can indulge in the sweet and tangy flavors of Baguio’s famous strawberry jam, made from freshly picked strawberries. Spread it on your toast or use it as a topping for pancakes and desserts.

If you’re a wine enthusiast, don’t miss out on the delightful taste of Baguio’s strawberry wine. Made from locally grown strawberries, this fruity wine is perfect for special occasions or simply enjoying with friends.

For those with a sweet tooth, try the delectable strawberry crinkles. These soft and chewy cookies are filled with bursts of strawberry flavor that will satisfy your cravings. And if you’re a fan of cakes, Vizcos offers the best strawberry shortcake in Baguio. Indulge in layers of fluffy cake filled with fresh strawberries and topped with whipped cream.

If you’re looking for something unique to sip on, try Baguio’s craft beer infused with the flavors of strawberries. This refreshing beverage is brewed locally and offers a twist on traditional beers.

Ube Jam

Ube Jam Baguio Pasalubong List

You can’t visit Baguio without trying the popular ube jam made from purple yam. It’s a must-have pasalubong that you won’t want to miss out on. Here’s why:

– Creamy and Sweet: Ube jam has a smooth and velvety texture with a sweet flavor that is truly irresistible.

– Versatile: You can enjoy ube jam in various forms, such as spread on bread or pandesal, mixed into desserts like halo-halo or ice cream, or even eaten straight from the jar.

– Good Shepherd Ube Jam: Good Shepherd is one of the most well-known brands for ube jam in Baguio. By buying their product, you are also supporting their scholarship program for nuns.

Sundot Kulangot

When it comes to Baguio pasalubong list, don’t forget to try sundot kulangot, a chewy and creamy delicacy that will surely satisfy your sweet tooth. Sundot kulangot is Baguio’s version of this unique treat, made from glutinous rice, brown sugar, and coconut milk. It may sound strange, but once you take a bite, you’ll be hooked.

The name ‘sundot kulangot’ translates to ‘pick boogers’ in English, but don’t let that deter you. The texture of this delicacy is soft and chewy, similar to mochi or sticky rice cake. It has a rich and creamy flavor with hints of caramel from the brown sugar. Each piece is small enough to pop into your mouth and enjoy the burst of sweetness.

Sundot kulangot can be found in various pasalubong shops throughout Baguio City. It’s packaged in small containers or wrapped individually for easy transport. Whether you’re buying it for yourself or as a gift for loved ones back home, sundot kulangot is a must-try delicacy that showcases the creativity and distinct flavors of Baguio cuisine.

Peanut Brittle

Peanut Brittle Baguio Pasalubong List

If you’re looking for a sweet and crunchy treat, don’t miss out on trying the peanut brittle in Baguio. Here are some reasons why it is a must-try delicacy:

– Irresistible Flavor:

The peanut brittle is made with high-quality peanuts, sugar, and butter, resulting in a deliciously sweet and nutty flavor. Each bite offers a satisfying crunch that will leave you craving for more.

– Easy Accessibility:

You can find peanut brittle in various food stalls, souvenir shops, and even at the night market in Baguio. It’s convenient to grab some as pasalubong or simply indulge yourself during your visit.

– Perfect Gift Option:

Peanut brittle makes for an excellent gift choice for friends and family back home. Its affordability and traditional appeal make it a popular Baguio pasalubong option among locals and tourists alike.

Choco Flakes

Choco Flakes Baguio Pasalubong List

Choco flakes are a popular treat in Baguio. They are known for their sweetness and indulgent taste. These irresistible chocolatey treats are perfect for snacking or as a delightful topping for ice cream. Made with high-quality cocoa powder and other premium ingredients, choco flakes offer a rich and decadent flavor that will surely satisfy your sweet cravings.

Baguio’s version of choco flakes is loved by both locals and tourists alike. They are carefully crafted to ensure the perfect balance of sweetness and crunchiness. Whether you enjoy them on their own or use them to enhance your favorite desserts, choco flakes will definitely leave you wanting more.

You can easily find choco flakes in various souvenir shops and food stalls throughout Baguio. They come in different packaging sizes, making it convenient for you to bring home as pasalubong or simply enjoy during your stay in the city.

Lengua De Gato

Don’t forget to try the mouthwatering Lengua de Gato cookies during your visit to Baguio. These milky and buttery treats are made with wheat flour, butter, sugar, and milk powder. They have a melt-in-your-mouth texture that is absolutely delightful.

Here are three reasons why you should give them a try:

– Irresistible Flavor: The combination of butter and milk gives Lengua de Gato cookies a rich and creamy taste that is simply irresistible. Each bite is filled with sweetness that will satisfy your cravings.

– Perfect Snack: Whether you’re exploring the city or relaxing at home, these cookies make for the perfect snack. Their small size allows you to enjoy them on-the-go, and their delicious flavor will keep you wanting more.

– Great Gift Option: Lengua de Gato cookies also make for a great gift option. They come in beautifully-packaged boxes, making them an ideal souvenir or pasalubong for family and friends. Their unique taste represents the flavors of Baguio and will leave a lasting impression.

Baguio Coffee

Baguio Coffee Beans Baguio Pasalubong List

When you’re in Baguio, make sure to try the aromatic and flavorful Baguio coffee. This locally grown coffee is a must-have for any coffee lover.

The high altitude and cool climate of Baguio create the perfect conditions for cultivating quality coffee beans. You can find Baguio coffee in various forms such as ground coffee, whole beans, or even instant coffee packets.

Each cup of Baguio coffee offers a rich and satisfying flavor that will surely awaken your senses. Whether you prefer it black or with cream and sugar, this delightful beverage is sure to leave you craving for more.

Don’t forget to bring home a pack of Baguio coffee as a pasalubong for your friends and family, so they too can experience the distinct taste of this local treasure.

Baguio Honey

You can’t visit Baguio without trying the delicious and natural honey produced in this mountain city. Here are some reasons why Baguio honey should be on your Baguio pasalubong list:

– Unique Flavors: Baguio honey comes in a variety of flavors, from wildflower to citrus-infused. Each flavor offers a distinct taste that will surely satisfy your palate.

– Wildflower Honey: This type of honey is made from the nectar of various wildflowers, resulting in a rich and floral flavor profile.

– Citrus-Infused Honey: If you’re looking for a zesty twist, try the citrus-infused honey. It adds a refreshing kick to your morning toast or tea.

– Health Benefits: Besides being sweet and delicious, Baguio honey is also packed with health benefits. It is known for its antibacterial properties and can help soothe coughs and sore throats.

– Natural Sweetener: Instead of using processed sugar, opt for Baguio honey as a healthier alternative. It adds sweetness to your dishes while providing additional nutrients.

– Locally Sourced: The bees that produce Baguio honey gather nectar from local farms and forests, ensuring that you’re getting pure and natural goodness straight from nature.

Baguio Wine

Ultimate Guide to Baguio Pasalubong List

Baguio is not only known for its cool climate and beautiful landscapes, but also for its locally produced wines made from fruits like strawberries and grapes. These wines are a perfect choice for wine enthusiasts or as a unique gift option.

Baguio wine comes in various flavors and types, each offering a distinct taste that captures the essence of the city. From sweet strawberry wine to rich grape varieties, there is something to suit every palate. The locally grown fruits used in these wines give them a natural sweetness and depth of flavor that is truly exceptional.

When visiting Baguio, make sure to explore the local wineries and try some of their offerings. You can also find these wines in souvenir shops or specialty stores throughout the city. So whether you’re looking to enjoy a glass of wine with friends or bring home a taste of Baguio, don’t miss out on trying the exquisite wines this city has to offer.

Baguio Longganisa

The flavor of Baguio longganisa is enhanced by a flavorful blend of spices and herbs. When you bite into a piece of Baguio longganisa, you can taste the perfect balance of garlic, vinegar, and various spices. Here’s why Baguio longganisa is a must-try delicacy:

– Bursting with Flavor:

The combination of garlic and spices gives Baguio longganisa its distinct garlicky taste that lingers on your palate.

The vinegar adds a tangy kick to the sausage, balancing out the richness of the pork.

– Versatile Breakfast Option:

Enjoy it with garlic fried rice for a hearty breakfast meal or pair it with scrambled eggs for a protein-packed start to your day.

Its savory flavor complements other breakfast staples like pandesal or toast.

– Local Specialty:

Baguio longganisa is one of the best-selling sausages in Baguio City, known for its high-quality ingredients and traditional preparation methods.

You can find multiple stalls in Baguio’s public market dedicated to selling this local delicacy.

Raisin Bread

When visiting Baguio City, don’t forget to try the famous raisin bread made with butter, sugar, and plenty of raisins. This delectable treat is a must-try when exploring the culinary delights of this charming city.

The Baguio Country Club is renowned for their mouthwatering version of raisin bread that will surely leave you craving for more.

The bread itself is soft and fluffy, with a hint of sweetness from the sugar. The generous amount of plump raisins adds a burst of flavor in every bite. Whether you enjoy it plain or toasted, this raisin bread is perfect for breakfast or as an afternoon snack.

Pair it with a cup of hot coffee or a mug of creamy hot chocolate for the ultimate indulgence. The combination of flavors will surely delight your taste buds and warm your soul.

So make sure to grab a loaf (or two) before leaving Baguio City.

Don’t miss out on experiencing one of Baguio’s most beloved delicacies – the famous raisin bread. It’s a treat that encapsulates the flavors and charm of this beautiful city nestled in the mountains.

Baguio Brooms

Baguio Brooms Baguio Pasalubong List

You can find unique brooms in Baguio, perfect for souvenirs or home decoration. These brooms are handmade by skilled artisans and come in various sizes and even rainbow colors. Here are three reasons why you should consider buying Baguio brooms:

– Artistic Designs: Baguio brooms are not your ordinary cleaning tools. They are crafted with intricate designs that showcase the creativity and craftsmanship of the local artisans. From floral patterns to geometric shapes, these brooms can add a touch of beauty to any space.

– Sustainable Materials: The brooms in Baguio are made from sustainable materials such as soft grasses and sturdy bamboo. By purchasing these brooms, you are supporting eco-friendly practices and promoting sustainability.

– Cultural Significance: Broom-making has been a traditional craft in Baguio for generations. By buying these brooms, you are not just getting a unique souvenir but also connecting with the rich cultural heritage of the city.

Wood Carvings

Baguio Wood Carvings - Baguio Pasalubong List

For a unique and authentic memento from your trip to Baguio, don’t miss the intricately carved wood pieces available in local markets and souvenir shops. These wood carvings showcase the skill and craftsmanship of local artisans, making them a perfect keepsake or gift.

From small figurines to larger sculptures, you’ll find a wide variety of designs to choose from.

The wood carvings in Baguio are made from high-quality materials such as narra, kamagong, and mahogany. Each piece is carefully handcrafted with attention to detail, resulting in stunning works of art that capture the beauty of nature or depict scenes inspired by Filipino culture.

Whether you’re looking for a delicate wooden jewelry box, an elegant wall decor piece, or a traditional tribal mask, Baguio’s wood carvings have something for everyone. These unique creations not only add aesthetic appeal to any space but also serve as a reminder of your memorable visit to the City of Pines.

When purchasing wood carvings in Baguio, make sure to support local artists and fair trade practices. Take the time to appreciate the intricate details and ask about the stories behind each piece. By bringing home these handcrafted treasures, you not only support the local economy but also preserve and promote traditional Filipino artistry.


Now that you’ve explored the beautiful wood carvings of Baguio, it’s time to discover another delightful aspect of the city – its vibrant and enchanting flowers.

Baguio is renowned for its stunning blooms, especially during the Panagbenga Festival when the streets come alive with a riot of colors.

Here are three reasons why you’ll love Baguio’s flowers:

– A feast for your senses: Immerse yourself in a kaleidoscope of scents and hues as you stroll through flower markets and gardens. From vibrant hyacinths to elegant roses, each blossom will captivate your senses and transport you to a world of natural beauty.

– Perfect souvenirs: Take home a piece of Baguio’s floral charm by purchasing potted plants or bouquets as souvenirs. Whether it’s sunflowers, orchids, or tulips, these living gifts will serve as a constant reminder of your time in this picturesque city.

– Decorate your space: Brighten up your home or office with the everlasting beauty of Baguio’s flowers. Adorn your living spaces with fresh floral arrangements or opt for dried flower arrangements that can last for months.

Baguio Keychains

Baguio Keychains Baguio Pasalubong List

Don’t forget to check out the keychain options in Baguio for a unique and practical souvenir. Baguio keychains are not only decorative but also functional, making them a great keepsake from your visit to the Summer Capital of the Philippines.

You can find a variety of keychain designs in Baguio, ranging from traditional woven patterns to cute and quirky shapes that represent the city’s culture and attractions. These keychains are often made with durable materials like metal or wood, ensuring their longevity.

Whether you prefer a simple design or something more intricate, there is a keychain to suit every taste. Some even feature miniature versions of iconic Baguio landmarks like Burnham Park or The Mansion. With their small size, they are easy to carry and can be attached to your keys or bags.

Not only will these keychains serve as a reminder of your time in Baguio, but they also make for thoughtful gifts for friends and family back home. So don’t miss out on exploring the wide range of keychain options available in Baguio and bring home a piece of this beautiful city with you!

Baguio T-shirts

You’ll find a wide selection of Baguio t-shirts available, showcasing the city’s unique charm and culture. These t-shirts are not only stylish but also make for great souvenirs to remember your trip to Baguio.

Here are three reasons why you should consider buying a Baguio t-shirt:

– Variety: Whether you prefer simple designs or vibrant prints, there is a Baguio t-shirt for everyone. From iconic landmarks like Burnham Park and Mines View Park to the famous Panagbenga Festival, these t-shirts capture the essence of Baguio in their designs.

– Comfort: Made from high-quality materials, Baguio t-shirts are not only fashionable but also comfortable to wear. They are perfect for casual outings or as a reminder of your memorable time in Baguio.

– Local Support: By purchasing a Baguio t-shirt, you are supporting local businesses and artists who create these unique designs. It’s a way of contributing to the local economy and promoting the rich culture of this beautiful city.

Baguio Magnets

When looking for a small and portable souvenir to bring back from your trip to Baguio, consider checking out the collection of Baguio magnets. These little trinkets are not only lightweight and easy to pack, but they also serve as a great reminder of your time in this beautiful city.

Baguio magnets come in various designs and themes, capturing the essence of what makes this place special. From images of the famous Burnham Park and Mines View Park to representations of vibrant flowers and colorful jeepneys, you can find a magnet that resonates with your experience in Baguio.

Whether you want to decorate your refrigerator or add them to your travel collection, these magnets are both functional and visually appealing. Plus, they make for wonderful gifts for friends and family back home who appreciate unique souvenirs.

Baguio Mugs

If you’re looking for a practical and stylish memento from Baguio, check out the collection of Baguio mugs. These mugs are not only great for sipping your favorite hot beverages, but they also serve as a reminder of your visit to the City of Pines.

Here’s why you should consider getting a Baguio mug:

– Unique Designs: Each Baguio mug features beautiful and intricate designs that showcase the charm and beauty of Baguio. From colorful floral patterns to scenic landscapes, these mugs capture the essence of this picturesque city.

– Durable Material: Made from high-quality ceramic or porcelain, these mugs are built to last. They can withstand daily use without losing their vibrant colors or getting easily damaged.

– Practical Souvenir: Unlike other souvenirs that may end up collecting dust on a shelf, a Baguio mug is something you can actually use every day. Whether it’s for enjoying your morning coffee or relaxing with a cup of tea in the evening, this practical souvenir will always remind you of your time in Baguio.

Baguio Ref Magnets

Moving on from Baguio Mugs, let’s talk about another popular pasalubong item: Baguio Ref Magnets. These magnets are not only functional but also serve as a reminder of your unforgettable trip to the City of Pines.

Baguio Ref Magnets come in various designs and sizes, showcasing different iconic landmarks and attractions in Baguio. From the breathtaking views of Mines View Park to the vibrant colors of the Panagbenga Festival, these magnets capture the essence of this beautiful city.

Whether you want to decorate your fridge or give them as souvenirs to your loved ones, these ref magnets are lightweight and easy to transport. They add a touch of Baguio charm to any kitchen or office space.

You can find Baguio Ref Magnets in souvenir shops scattered around the city, particularly near tourist spots like Burnham Park and Session Road. Don’t forget to haggle for a good price and choose a design that resonates with you or captures a special memory from your trip.

Baguio Woven Products

Woven Products Baguio Pasalubong List

Baguio is famous for its woven products, which include intricately crafted bags, hats, and accessories. When you visit Baguio, make sure to check out the wide array of woven items available as your Baguio pasalubong. Here are some reasons why Baguio’s woven products should be on your shopping list:

– Quality craftsmanship: The weavers in Baguio take pride in their workmanship and attention to detail. Each piece is meticulously handwoven using traditional techniques passed down through generations.

– Unique designs: Baguio’s woven products showcase a distinct blend of traditional and modern designs. Whether you’re looking for a stylish bag or a trendy hat, you’ll find something that suits your taste.

– Sustainable and eco-friendly: By purchasing Baguio’s woven products, you’re supporting local artisans who practice sustainable weaving methods. These products are made from natural fibers like rattan and abaca, making them eco-friendly choices.

Baguio Silver Jewelry

When you’re in Baguio, don’t miss out on the beautiful silver jewelry available as pasalubong. Baguio is known for its exquisite handcrafted silver pieces that make for perfect souvenirs or gifts. The intricate designs and attention to detail will surely captivate your eyes.

From delicate necklaces and earrings to stunning rings and bracelets, there is a wide selection of silver jewelry to choose from. Whether you prefer a traditional Filipino design or a more contemporary style, you will find something that suits your taste.

The skilled artisans of Baguio take pride in their craft, ensuring that each piece is made with utmost care and precision. They use high-quality materials to create timeless pieces that can be treasured for years to come.

In addition to their beauty, Baguio’s silver jewelry also holds cultural significance. Many pieces are inspired by indigenous patterns and symbols, showcasing the rich heritage of the Cordillera region.

Baguio Woven Bags

Baguio Woven bags are not only stylish and trendy but also showcase the craftsmanship of local weavers in Baguio.

Here are some reasons why Baguio woven bags make a great souvenir:

– Unique Designs:

Baguio woven bags come in a variety of designs, patterns, and colors, making each bag unique and one-of-a-kind. You can find traditional tribal-inspired designs as well as modern and contemporary patterns to suit your style.

– Durable and Functional:

Made from sturdy materials like rattan or abaca fibers, these bags are built to last. They have ample space for carrying your everyday essentials while remaining lightweight and easy to carry.

– Support Local Artisans:

By purchasing a Baguio woven bag, you are supporting the livelihood of local weavers and artisans who put their heart and soul into creating these beautiful pieces. It’s a meaningful way to contribute to the preservation of traditional weaving techniques.

Baguio Dream Catchers

If you’re looking for a unique and meaningful souvenir, consider getting yourself a Baguio dream catcher. These beautiful handmade crafts are not only visually appealing but also hold cultural significance. Dream catchers are believed to filter out bad dreams while allowing good dreams to pass through and gently descend upon the sleeper.

In Baguio, dream catchers are carefully crafted using natural materials like feathers, beads, and twine, making each piece truly one-of-a-kind.

When you purchase a Baguio dream catcher, you’re not just buying an aesthetically pleasing item; you’re also supporting local artisans who have honed their craft for generations. These talented individuals pour their creativity and skill into each creation, ensuring that every dream catcher is made with love and care.

Whether you choose to hang it in your bedroom or give it as a thoughtful gift to someone special, a Baguio dream catcher is sure to bring beauty and positive energy into any space. So why not add this unique piece of artistry to your collection of souvenirs? By doing so, you’ll not only bring home a tangible reminder of your time in Baguio but also support the local community and preserve traditional craftsmanship for future generations to appreciate.

Baguio Native Hats

Don’t forget to check out the Baguio native hats, they’re a stylish and cultural accessory that you can bring home as a souvenir.

Here’s why you should get one:

– Unique Designs: Baguio native hats come in a variety of designs that showcase the rich heritage and craftsmanship of the local artisans. From intricately woven patterns to vibrant colors, these hats are truly eye-catching.

– Protection from the Sun: The wide brim of these hats provides excellent protection from the sun’s harmful rays. Whether you’re exploring the city or hiking in the mountains, wearing a Baguio native hat will keep you cool and shielded from the sun.

– Versatile Fashion Statement: These hats can be styled with different outfits, making them a versatile accessory for any occasion. Pair it with your favorite summer dress or wear it casually with jeans and a t-shirt – either way, you’ll look effortlessly chic.

Don’t miss out on this must-have souvenir!

Baguio Sunflowers

When visiting Baguio, you’ll be captivated by the stunning beauty of the sunflowers. These vibrant and cheerful flowers are a sight to behold, adding a touch of color and happiness to the already picturesque city. As you stroll through the gardens and fields, you’ll be surrounded by rows upon rows of these majestic blooms, swaying gently in the breeze.

Baguio is known for its ideal climate for growing sunflowers, making them one of the most popular attractions for tourists and locals alike. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast or simply appreciate the beauty of flowers, witnessing these sunflowers in full bloom is an experience that shouldn’t be missed.

The bright yellow petals of the sunflowers create a striking contrast against the lush green surroundings, creating a visually stunning landscape that will leave you in awe. You can also take beautiful photos amidst these blooms, capturing memories that will last a lifetime.

If you’re looking for a unique souvenir or gift to bring back home from Baguio, consider purchasing sunflower-themed items such as postcards, keychains, or even dried sunflower seeds. These small tokens will serve as reminders of your time spent exploring this enchanting city and admiring its breathtaking sunflowers.

Tick your Baguio Pasalubong List Now!

Baguio offers a wide array of pasalubong lists and items that cater to different tastes and preferences.

From delicious strawberry products and ube jam to unique souvenirs like woven bags and dream catchers, there is something for everyone.

Whether you’re looking for tasty delicacies or memorable keepsakes, Baguio has it all.

So next time you visit this popular tourist destination in the Philippines, don’t forget to bring back some of these top picks as souvenirs for your loved ones.

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