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Nov 4 by Mitch Baker

Ingredients of Power Testro

Power Testro contains three active ingredients including L-taurine, L-citrulline, and the one called a "Pure N.O. Super Molecule". L-Taurine is called by the manufacturer a "powerful antioxidant" that is able to dilate blood vessels, help deliver oxygen to the muscles and improve blood circulation. According to, L-Taurine is possibly effective for congestive heart failure and liver disease (hepatitis) but it is ineffective for diabetes, exercise performance, stomach ulcers, high blood pressure, anemia, mental performance, muscle soreness, inherited muscle wasting disease and lack of sleep.

L-citrulline is a non-essential amino acid that is changed by human body into nitric oxide and L-arginine, another amino acid. These compounds take part in functioning of the heart and blood vessels. L-citrulline can help lower blood pressure, improve the condition of erectile dysfunction, heal wounds because of diabetes, improve nourishment of muscles in the elderly and even treat some intestinal problems. However, there is no evidence showing that this substance can enhance the muscle mass and general physical performance.

"Pure N.O. Super Molecule" is the third main ingredient in Power Testro. The manufacturer gives little information about this component. According to the official website, this super molecule is nothing more than the amino acid L-arginine. However, this information was not approved. As you can see, all of these three compounds are amino acids. In fact, human body naturally produces amino acids which are considered to b building blocks of protein. These are bodybuilders who tend to take additional amino acids but it is not known for sure whether regular taking of these compounds is safe.

The list of ingredients in Power Testro is a little shady. I suppose that the manufacturer does not list all of its ingredients. There must be some other additional components. Because of such a secret policy, customers do not even know what substances are entering their body. There is also no information about specific amounts of L-taurine and L-citrulline added into Power Testro. If you need to know exactly what is included into the supplement, you should better avoid this product, especially when the manufacturer purposely refuses to give any information about the ingredients. Such policy seems very suspicious. At the same time, the manufacturer makes bold claims about the effectiveness of Power Testro telling that it has a "100% natural formula".

Where To Buy Power Testro?

Power Testro can be ordered directly from the official product's website or Amazon, GNC or Walmart. There is a trial offer that requires payment for shipping. But as soon as you enter your credit card information, it is pre-charged a total sum of $90.