Nov 30 by Mitch Baker

HydroxyCut Appetite Control

HydroxyCut Appetite Control is manufactured by an American badly-known company that has a non-efficient official website. It doesn't contain any data about the ingredients and side effects of the supplement. It is said that the product was designed for people who spend hours sitting in front of their computers, lack exercising or don't have proper diet.

The supplement aims to burn calories and help the muscles grow. The manufacturer promises that HydroxyCut Appetite Control is safe and effective, however, there is no medical studies supporting this claim. Hydroxycut is also said to increase energy levels and decrease appetite. Eating less is claimed to burn off fat and help to do exercising.

Does It Have Any Side Effects?

According to the manufacturer, HydroxyCut Appetite Control either has no side effects, or they made them best to hide this important information.

To my mind, the supplement is not completely effective as it doesn't solve the problem of obesity in its root. Besides, it may carry potential dangers, especially when the dosage of the product isn't clear. The supplement hasn't been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), on the contrary, this organ has issued a lot of warnings regarding Hydroxycut. Due to some of these warnings, Hydroxycut manufacturers removed ephedra, one of the product's ingredients. It is a natural chemical that contains the alkaloids pseudoephedrine and ephedrine. These substances are able to cause arrhythmia, high blood pressure, heart attack and even a stroke.

Heart health is endangered when the user takes HydroxyCut Appetite Control. It is due to caffeine it contains. This ingredient can dramatically speed up the heart rate. The combination of natural aspirin, willow bark, and caffeine in the form of guarana is also able to increase blood pressure, the risk of a stroke heart and murmurs. Kidneys also start suffering when you take the supplement. Potassium and calcium can interfere with medicines for kidneys. For this reason, people who have problems with their kidneys should avoid Hydroxycut.

The same concerns diabetics taking insulin as Hyrdoxycut can interfere with this medication. The matter is that chromium regulates insulin and controls the levels of blood sugar, so it can makes the body think that it is full. In this way, the brain may think that blood sugar levels are normal when it is not so. Other side effects may include muscle damage, liver and kidney failure, and jaundice. According to one report, a man using the product needed a liver transplant, while another one died due to Hydroxycut.

"Measured out the correct 11 oz of water and dumped into my water bottle, added the powder and shook. And shook. And shook. It was globby and odd-colored and lumpy and weird. But still I took a sip. And it was HORRIBLE"
"I purchased thinking HydroxyCut Appetite Control would be a good thing to try. I couldn't even get the first round down, I found the taste repulsive and way too thick"
"Do not waste YOUR MONEY. Anyone who says this tastes good is lying!!!!!!! This is the nastiest thing in the entire world! It's clumpy and nasty. Even in a blender. The flavor is awful"