Jan 23 by Mitch Baker

Derma ProMedics

Derma ProMedics is an anti-aging skincare serum based on the mix of vitamins and moisturizing agents to rejuvenate skin tone, boost collagen production, lighten dark circles, and reduce eye puffiness. In fact, the product is claimed to be better than Botox, according to the company. The latter is not reputable, though, so they should not be trusted completely. They even claim that their serum has been clinically proven to decrease surface wrinkles by 44.9%, wrinkle density by 37%, and wrinkle volume by 18.5%. This is said to be possible without injections, surgery, or other painful procedures.

But what differentiates Derma ProMedics from dozens of other more popular anti-aging products? Is there any better competition? Is it worth the money it costs? We will try to answer these questions further in this review. At present, it is important to mention that the Derma ProMedics official website is identical to that of other products. It has a poor design and does not provide a lot of details about the product. As a rule, consumers call these types of products scams, as the companies behind them try to steal their money and give nothing in return. To understand whether Derma ProMedics is the same, let's start by talking about its ingredients.

Does It Have Any Side Effects?

As you can see from the previous section of this review, the formula contains both effective ingredients and harmful additives. The latter may cause swelling, redness, skin irritation, and even organ damage. Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not disclose any potential side effects of the product. This is one of trial-based anti-aging products that come with poor online customer feedback. People's complaints tend to revolve around two issues: poor customer service and failure to work as advertised. In fact, the serum does not work for many customers at all. In some cases, HighYa readers have reported that it made their skin even worse, while some skin reactions required a visit to the doctor. Besides, many customers have complained that the customer service is very poor saying that any negative situation is your own fault, and the staff will not take the responsibility on themselves. In many cases, customers were forced to give up and close their credit card to stop the madness. Here are some of their reviews.

"I ordered Derma ProMedics online as a trial, and it said that they only charged shipping. After receiving the product I realized my mistake and called them back to cancel. As a result, I was charged $15 for cancelling. Then they charged my card more than $200. Do not deal with this company, it is a scam. I would not recommend the product to anyone too."

"I am disappointed with Derma ProMedics. I used my debit card and the money was immediately withdrawn from my bank account. It is better to use a credit card because you can get help from your credit card company in case of unwanted charges. You can also be offered a unique temporary credit card number with a limited amount that may be charged and a limited expiration date. I think they are scammers."

"I ordered the trial version of Derma ProMedics. When I received it I was unsatisfied with the product and sent an email to tell them to discontinue mailings in future. They emailed me back saying that I had to call the customer service number. I did so but they tried to persuade me to continue shipments. I refused but several days later I noticed that my card was charged $89.00. I called my credit card company and the Derma ProMedics company was charged with fraud."